Contact James Jordan


James works with coaches on designing practice plans for any age and any level (speciality is youth soccer).

If you are interested in contacting James for speaking engagements, or to have him design a curriculum for your team, club, or school, send him an email at


One thought on “Contact James Jordan

  1. Hi James, I am reading your books, “It Pays to Win on Offense” and “It Pays to Win on Defense” and love your books! I am incorporating them into my practices and getting good feedback from my 2 assistant coaches, the kids are having a lot of fun, and I am seeing improvement already in my first week. I did want to ask if you have more insight into the various questions that are being asked in the book. I love asking the kids questions and I am giving them points for participating as this really sparks their interest. They have a lot of good ideas. However, not all of the questions have guided answers that I can give as a coach. Do you have more insight into these so I can guide the players better to the exact coaching in these scenarios? An example is the Possession soccer drill. How should I answer questions like “Why is the weak side so important in this game”. I am not familiar with the weak side or its importance.

    Thank you!!


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