Building your team


I read this op-ed in the Manchester Evening News earlier today that discussed how Jose Mourinho should build his defense around Luke Shaw (a left back), and it got me thinking:

  • Do you build a unit (attackers, midfielders, defenders) around your best player, regardless of whether he plays centrally? I coached a team once with a dominant right winger, and the team was certainly set up to support her. However, for the vast majority of my coaching career, I built around a strong spine (the central positions).
  • In the modern game, is the outside back position arguably the most important? He has to defend, attack, and usually provides the width for the team. Or is this only the case in dominant teams (teams that see a lot of the ball and can maintain possession).
  • Is the modern outside back more of a defender or an attacker? How does your answer to this question inform how you set up your team and who you choose to play in these positions?



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