Planning your soccer practice


In the next few weeks, I will be exploring how people might and do go about planning their practice sessions.

Topics and questions I will be considering are as follows:

How do you determine what to work on in practice?

  • Have a curriculum that you follow (your own or someone else’s)
  • Base it something that you saw (or didn’t see) in a game
  • Decide the week’s practices all at one time based on a progression of some sort
  • Ask the players
  • See what happens when you get out there

How do you put together a practice?

  • Full written plan with diagrams and coaching points
  • Full written plan with coaching points, but without diagrams
  • Diagrams with coaching points but no other annotations
  • Names of drills/activities with coaching points
  • Names of drills/activities without coaching points
  • Coaching points
  • “Theme”
  • All in head/nothing written

What is the purpose of the practice?

  • Fitness
  • Team bonding
  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Team shape
  • Set pieces
  • Don’t know

What are the different types of practices?

  • Technical 
  • Tactical
  • Day before a game
  • Day after a game
  • High intensity
  • Low intensity
  • Medium intensity (mixture)

What stage of the season are you in? 

  • Pre-season
  • Early season
  • Mid season
  • Playoffs/end of season

How do you reflect on practices?

  • Keep detailed records of what was done, what worked, what didn’t, etc.
  • Keep basic records 
  • Keep no records 

Of course, I may need to refine/change some of these as I write; however, if you have some input or would like a question answered, please feel free to ask.


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